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With the weather turning cooler and cold nights just around the corner, it’s time to rethink Fang’s sleeping arrangements while you are away. Many folks in the valley turn to leaving their pets outside over the weekend while the weather is fair. But with foul weather on the way, this is sure to cause more stress on a pet that already misses you.

Our pet sitting in Las Vegas can resolve this dilemma. Now your pet can stay in the house where it’s safe and warm and we can let them out to do their business in the morning, evening, or whatever time you set. Spot need a daily walk or he gets upset and tears things up? We have that covered. Or, we can stay with your pet so they have company, and you have the added benefit of someone being in the house.

By using our pet sitting in Henderson, you can the focus on your business trip or be able to relax on your time away since you know that your pet isn’t scared, alone, and possibly in the cold or rain. Your pets may have four legs, but they’re still members of the family. You wouldn’t make another family member stay outside in the elements while you’re out of the house, would you?

Nor is getting pet sitting in Las Vegas an expensive proposition. For as little as $45 a night (less than most hotel rooms), you can have one of our bonded and fully background checked pet sitters stay in your house to make sure that all your pet’s needs are attended to. As an added benefit, the mail and paper still gets picked up, and the house looks lived in. Call us today at A Pawsatively Purrrfect Pet Sitting Service and schedule a time for us to discuss your needs.

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