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Nothing can be more frustrating to a cat owner than one that will stop at nothing to get out and go “catting around”. Despite all efforts, some cats, even males that have been neutered, will still have an independent streak that no amount of owner care can overcome. So, on the nights they would rather spend outside, even during the cold winter months, you can take the following steps to make sure they can stay comfortable.

First off, make sure they have food and water available to them. Yes, you do run the risk of attracting other cats from around the neighborhood, but remember that cats are territorial and will usually run intruders off. But if they’re going to out in the cold, they need extra food to maintain body warmth. Not to mention that rodents often have “nasties” that you don’t them to eat since it can make them very sick. Regular feeding keeps them from having to hunt so often if at all, and you can avoid this winter pitfall.

Secondly, a small shelter isn’t a bad idea. Obviously it won’t be as good as pet sitting in Henderson cold weather, but it will at least give them somewhere to get out of the driving winds that kick up in the desert. Preferably they should be big enough for a cat or two, but no so big that a whole gaggle can crash or larger creatures that might wander in from the surrounding desert.

Now a cat run is ideal for cats that just have to get outside, but you can’t stand the thought of them being out in the wild open world. These work great, since it limits how far they can get, and they can always come back into the house when it gets too cold. By having a pet sitting service in Henderson, you can still make sure that the needs of even the most outdoorsy cat can still be met.

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